Multi-Purpose Activity Space

"A Space For Everyone..."

There is a space for everyone at Tsukure Hub. Our multi-purpose activity space (“The Grey Room”) is bare, spacious and perfect for so many activities.

In the short time we have been operating the space has been home to local karate and judo clubs, artists, photographers, actors and actresses. The room really is versatile and with plans to increase the space by more than double we anticipate the facility getting more and more use.

During the pandemic, the space really came in to it's own when a local cocaine anonymous support group found themselves with nowhere to meet. We arranged for the room to be specially classified for group support therapy sessions and group meetings. At one point during the peak of the pandemic the Ayr group was the only fellowship meeting taking place across the entire United Kingdom.

A recommended minimum donation of between £10 and  £20 per hour towards cleaning and utilities usage is much appreciated and allows us to continue providing resources to the community.

The Story So Far...

Big enough to fit a Castle!

When we were asked if we had a room large enough to fit a castle we immediately thought of the "Grey Room".  With moderately high ceilings and plenty of open space the venue was perfectly suited.

There really are no stipulations on the purpose or use of this space, it's what you make it!

A Useful Space...

There are many uses for our "Grey Room", such as a classroom or to give a presentation.

A Grey Space

Being one of the only rooms in the building that didn't need any immediate work this space has remained untouched.

It is our intention to eventually remove the stud partitioning seen to the right of the photograph. This will open up the room and provide us with a more useable space, that said the room is large enough to host around 20 comfortably. 

The space has been used for group meetings, classes, photography, rehearsals and parties.