Tsukure Radio

"Ayr's Premier Community Radio Station"

Project Stage : Studio Relocation

Tsukure Radio have well and truly outgrown their little cupboard studio, so the decision has been made to relocate the broadcast studio from it's current location tucked away behind the lobby to the corner window of the Tsukure Studios building.

Broken windows have already been replaced and the studio floor has been enlarged to accommodate presenter, desk and guest.

We feel that by having the presenters on display during their shows will inspire others to have a go as well as blending the high street with the radio station and vice versa.

Tsukure Radio was launched at the beginning of 2020. Live-streaming 24 hours a day, the station is rarely off-air. Although not entirely presented by humans, the station is very much driven by the community. 

The purpose of the station is to provide a platform to bring the community together, to entertain and inform. 

More than a year on, and the Tsukure Radio has held many live-streamed events, introduced new presenters to the schedule and upgraded and expanded on their event P.A. and studio equipment.

Currently the team are preparing what was Tsukure Gallery into Tsukure Studios, a community based audio & video production suite. As a natural extension to the division, it is felt the radio station and recording studios will open many doors and provide many opportunities locally.

You can listen live by visiting https://radio.tsukure.co.uk

The Story So Far...

The New Broadcast Studios

Having held many successful events and in gaining more interest from the community the decision was made to relocate the studio from the broom cupboard to a more prominent location in the corner window of what had previously been used as our gallery.

The windows that had been broken since long before google had started taking street view photography were replaced and plans set for levelling the floor and making a new, larger studio complex.

Santa Came To Visit!

Supporting the Night Before Christmas Campaign, Tsukure Radio helped to host a fund raising leading up to Christmas. The NB4CC held a tombola and the radio volunteers provided the entertainment. 

Watch the live performances here;


DJ Jason Currie Performs Live From The Lobby

Investing a couple of low cost disco lights and a cheap second hand show laser, the Tsukure Radio volunteers begun streaming more live events. Jason went on to perform regular monthly sets during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic from the lobby and gallery spaces.

Blair Gilmour from The Voice Kids UK Visits...

The station was beginning to gain more traction by this time, and Scoot (Station Manager) had begun to arrange live performances from local celebrities.