Urban Zen Garden

"A Quiet Rooftop Escape"

Project Stage : The Begininning

We have an idea of what we want and how the space will be used, we just don't currently have the time or budget.

It may not look like much at the moment, but this space has potential!

Tsukure Hub has a flat roof space located among the rooftops, it is quiet and reasonably spacious. It could also be the perfect urban getaway. Our plan is to convert this space into an urban rooftop zen garden with bee hive and small water feature.

Unfortunately the project hasn't commenced as of August 2021, but this is due to the completion of other programmes and projects currently running in the complex.

If you would like to head up the project and realise our dream, please get in touch.

The Story So Far...

A Roof Top Escape

There is much to do, but we have plans to make the are safe, lay decking and place planters. We also hope to host a bee hive and small water feature later.