Tsukure Maker Space

"Make, Build, Create!"

Project Stage : MakerSpace Improvements

Our MakerSpace was one of the inspirations for the project and has provided us with the resources we  have needed during the renovation of the complex as a whole.

Currently the MakerSpace is useable but not suitable to open to the public. This stage of the project focusses on improving on the space, adding electrical points, worktops, doors and completing the stud partition.

During the first few months, Euan and Adam had met, discussion regularly flowed between the two about building a community maker space, a space modelled closely to that of the now defunct MakLab.

Euan had been a volunteer with MakLab which was where he had been introduced to the maker community and the technologies that drive it.

The Tsukure Hub Maker Space is not as big as MakLab, but it has the same goals. 

Currently the Make Space is usable, but needs to be completed.

Tsukure Maker Space compliments our CoderDojo perfectly by blending hardware development with software development.

The Story So Far...

Racking Out The Strores

With the MakerSpace beginning to take shape, racking was erected made from recycled materials found within the building.

Bench Tools

No workshop is complete without a drill, band saw and grinding/polishing wheel! With a little bit of spare cash in the bank, we began kitting out the MakerSpace ready for use by the community.

A Christmas Wall

Having only been in the building a couple of months, Adam bored at home over Christmas, decided to pop in to the hub and erect the first of many new stud walls, partitioning the complex into usable spaces.

In The Beginning....

Having taken over the building, it was decided to partition the building out into multiple spaces, each space serving a specific purpose. 

Because our intention was to primarily to open a community maker space, it seemed prudent the first space to be allocated should be such.