Tsukure Studios

"Audio & Video Production"

Project Stage : Studio Build

The studio build has already begun with help in the form of a £1000 award presented by Arnold Clarke.

The goal for this stage of the project is to complete the studio build ready for connecting equipment.

Aside from requiring materials we are also looking for individuals with experience in general building and electrical works. If you are able to set a side a couple of weekends to help us finish the studio build, please let us know by emailing studio@tsukure.org.

Having successfully maintained a community radio station for more than a year it was decided to expand on the concept by introducing facilities to record, edit and master audio and video productions. 

Tsukure Studios currently has enough equipment to provide basic video and audio production facilities and plenty of space for band to rehearse or YouTubers to film.

The next stage of the project is to transform the open space into production suite, rehearsal and recording spaces. We will achieve this by constructing sound-proofed rooms within the main studio space. Some materials have been purchased to start the project off but we will be fundraising for more.

At the same time we will be relocating the radio station broadcast studios into the front corner window, uniting the creativity of both outlets.

The Story So Far...

Studio Complex Designs

Our current studio facilities are less than adequate, but it does the job. We have now begun redeveloping the space to provide purpose built audio and video production facilities.

Basic recording facilities...

It doesn't look like much, but it does what it needs too!

We are a long way from being a fully functional audio and video production studio, and with determination and time we will reach our goal. For the time being recording sessions can proceed, albeit in the middle of a building site.

A Window Of Opportunity

We've finally found the time to get one of the stud partitioning walls erected with viewing window. Eventually both spaces will be enclosed to give the best acoustic response possible.

Arnold Clark Community Fund Winners

Not long after Tsukure Radio had held their birthday bash we heard from Scott (Station Manager) announcing the radio station had won the Arnold Clark Community Fund.

Some of the winnings went in to purchasing much needed audio equipment for the broadcast studio and the rest into purchasing materials to level the floor in the new broadcast studio and the remainder into materials to be used for constructing soundproofed recording spaces.

Tsukure Radio Birthday Bash

Tsukure Radio had now been broadcasting a full year. The studios were the perfect setting for a lock down streaming event. The volunteers were joined by many recurring performers as well as some new.

Visit the Tsukure Hub You Tube channel to watch the performances;