Tsukure Gro

"Environmentally Controlled Agriculture"

Project Stage : Capacity Expansion

The Tsukure Gro grow room is useable and we have had a couple of harvests. With more space available we have purchased additional lighting and racking and are currently in the process of connecting the power.

In 2018, Adam began developing and constructing an environmental control system designed to enable farmers the ability to grow any kind of produce anywhere on or even off the planet.

The inspiration for the project came from Adams experience living with the inhabitants of a small Ugandan village during his last global adventure. The location of the village was such that drought and famine often caused shortages in food supply and variety.

SmartGarden is an intelligent microcontroller based environmental control system based on Arduino and Raspberry PI technologies. It uses sensors to determine the and control elements of the localised environment. Localisation comes in the form of booths or rooms.

The system is scalable and in turn portable.

Our first prototype worked reasonably well, monitoring conditions and modifying accordingly in real-time. We are currently working and a new version of the system, using more reliable sensors and improving the controller interface and functionality.

Taking SmartGarden to the next phase of testing has allowed us to start our Tsukure Gro project. Tsukure Gro is an indoor hydroponics vertical farm that grows micro-green for sale through the Tsukure Cafe and Kitchens as well as local restaurants and cafes.

The project will also be used as an educational and therapeutic tools by schools and groups alike. 

The Story So Far...

Tsukure Gro Is Now Growing!

Our first crop was a distinct success.

Found Time To Finish The Project....

It had been a crazy year and one that nobody on earth or otherwise could have predicted. Many months after ordering and receiving the equipment necessary to start a small vertical farm we had still not finished.

With a bit of time spare and more volunteers helping elsewhere in the complex, we were able to connect half the room, we had not ordered enough lights in the original order. More lights were ordered, but they would take time to arrive.

Time To Scale It Up....

We had the perfect little room at the back of the complex. it had power and water and that's all we needed.

The room was cleared. Shelving, lights, fans and other items ordered. 

ABC Home Education Group

It didn't take long to spark the interest of a couple of the young students. They would pop by two or three times a week to tend to the crop and make sure everything was going well.

A fantastically rewarding experience.

Educational Hydroponics Experiment

Utilising a small closed off space in our gallery and a few items left by the previous tenants we built a small grow room and purchased a packet of mixed vegetable seeds. The idea was to try and encourage some of the younger visitors to tend the garden regularly and learn about indoor and vertical farming techniques.