Tsukure Community Kitchens

"An Army Marches on it's Stomach!"

When we adopted the building we reside in, we adopted a kitchen. It had seen better days but was not beyond renovation. Having replaced almost everything from the oven to the stainless steel preparation tables we were extremely pleased to have passed our Environmental Health inspection and finally opened the kitchen for use.

Complimenting Tsukure Cafe, the kitchens produce affordable and filling lunches, snacks and cakes. Primarily run by the ladies of Smith's Community Support, the kitchen is open for use by community groups for workshops and a fantastic way to gain hospitality experience in a working environment.

If you are interested in holding or participating in cookery workshops at Tsukure Hub, please let us know.

The Story So Far...

The Kitchen Is Now Serving...

Ask and ye shall receive, so my mother always told me.

We'd done it, we had revived the old kitchen and over time our culinary skills would improve and our menu grow longer. The kitchen also became a staging ground for volunteers to put the training ourselves and Smiths' Community Support had supplied into practice.

A New Cooker...

With the kitchen cleaned from top to bottom by Smith's Community Support volunteers we were ready to start installing a new cooker, fridge / freezers, preparation tables and get the kitchen ready for service.

A Blank Canvas...

Ever since we had taken over the premises members of the community had expressed an interest in reviving the old Hendersons kitchen. Initial inspections had deemed the project too costly at the time.

Now in 2021 having successfully launched several revenue generating initiatives, funds had been made available to take another look at providing the community with kitchen facilities where food could be sold from the cafe and local members of the community could take cooking workshops and courses.